"VBP Indoor Dryer Vent & Lint Collector" MODEL "A"


     This is a large capacity 12" w x 20" h "USA HAND MADE" interior dryer vent and lint collector system.This unit is constructed with hand crafted aluminum and quality PVC components.It's designed for the situation where outdoor venting isn't possible or practical.    


    The "VBP" Vent can be used with any electric dryer by simply attaching any standard 4" dryer hose to the quick disconnect adapter on the collector.


The "VBP" is low maintenance.  Pour 3" of water in the provided 5 gallon plastic container (container also available in 3 1/2 gallon size using 2" of water, for the same price).  Periodically check the container for accumulation of lint and lint in cap vent holes.  When necessary, pour out water and if needed  vacuum vent holes on top of cap.  Replace water and repeat process.  In field tests used by a family of 5 or more, it was possible to go up to 6 months between cleanings.


    This collector is designed to function through a system of ventilation and filtration on minimum maintenance and prevent lint from blowing in the air and pollute the room it's located in.  This system eliminates costly vent cleaning services and possible lint fires.


    Many condo and town-house owners must vent their dryers up in the  attic or  through the roof.  Because of the long distance the lint has to travel, much of it gets stuck inside the hose causing blockage.  This will result in poor dryer function and costly longer drying time, as well as expensive duct cleaning service.This unit is ideal for such applications.


   Highly recommended by Appliance Dealers to be  the most effective.

 "VBP Indoor Dryer Vent & Lint Collector" MODEL "B"


  This unit is designed for situations where a dryer is located in tight quarters and it's necessary to vent out the unwanted heat emitted by the dryer. 


  This model functions similar to Model "A" where it collects the harmful lint in the container, with minimal maintenance, but allows the heat to be vented to the outside either through an existing outside vent or an additional vent.   


  This collector was not designed to be sold  cheaply, like so many other smaller products that require constant cleaning and have poor ventilation,but rather to be truly effective in doing the best possible job, function cleanly ,and be of long lasting quality.


Please visit Youtube to view a Demonstration of our Vent Product .  CLICK HERE TO SEE DEMONSTRATION